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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Kimberly Leggett – Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

Kimberley Leggett telah dinobatkan sebagai Miss Universe menggantikan Deborah Henry. Mengikuti biodatanya, gadis kacukan ini baru berusia 18 tahun dan merupakan seorang pelajar & model yang berasal dari Pulau Pinang. 
Dalam temubual awal ketika menyertai pencarian Miss Malaysia Universe 2012, Kimberley Leggett berazam untuk mempromosikan kempen 1Malaysia dan keselamatan jalan raya jika memegang gelaran.
Perjalanan Kimberley Leggett sebagai pemegang status Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 baru sahaja bermula dan yang penting sekarang anda semua perlu kenal wajah manis gadis ini.

cun ker tak?

Name: Kimberly Leggett (Kimberley)
Age: 18
From: Pulau Pinang
Height: 175cm
Occupation: Part time model/ Student Majoring in Economics and Business
Hobbies: Athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis, sports

• Occupation: Student (majoring in Economics & Business) / Part-time Model
• Born and raised in Penang, Malaysia to parents of mixed heritage (Malaysian/British)
• Education: Attended St.Christopher's International Primary School and graduated from The International School of Penang (Uplands) in 2011& will attend UCLA for Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree majoring in Economics/Business beginning Jan 2012
•Can speak, read & write in English, Bahasa Melayu/Malaysia & French.
• Member of the Uplands Student Council for 4 years (2007-2011) and held Disciplinarian position for 2 years
• Member of the Model United Nations (2010)
• Member of the Uplands Amnesty International Group (2010)
• Member of the Uplands Environmental Society (2009-2010)
• Music: Drums/ piano


• Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Top 19 Finalist [ Ongoing ]
• Internationale Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma & IGCSE Certificate (2009)
• 1st Avenue Mall Calendar Model Search Winner [Month: July]
• Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 10km Finisher
• Estee Lauder Model Search 20120 Top 10 Category A (Under-29)
• Best Student of Design & Technology (Years 10& 12)
• Victrix Ludorum (Outstanding Female Athlete-2007) & Sports Girl of the Year (2004)
• E.J. Bathe Award (Principal's Choice) in 2004
• Senior & Primary School Prefect
• St.John Ambulance First Aid Certificate


• Sisters of the Poor- volunteered/assisted in Annual Food Fair; also helped organized lunches for the residents during festive seasons
• Eden Handicap Centre: Assisted in training program with the disabled
• Walked with fellow classmates in the “Relay for Life” event for the Cancer Society of Malaysia- walk an all night relay to signify the ongoing battle for cancer
• Co-organiser of Haiti Earthquake Fundraising team- raised over RM20,000 in 2 weeks
• Gills Veterinary Clinic: Assistant to veterinarian
• Head of Decorations for the Graduation Dinner for Senior students
• Co-organised raising awareness campaigns of “World Meatless Day” within the Uplands School Community


Athletics (Former MSSPP/Penang State Sprinter), Volleyball, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Sports, Cooking/Baking, Watching Movies, Chilling with Friends, Going to the Gym, Fashion, Modelling, Music, Travelling, Worldwide Cuisines, etc.



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